Pattern with waves

How to change color of a SVG element

As you know, the SVG files are very popular in web development. Many sites use this format because it allows making small files. They will load much faster then the regular JPG or PNG files. That's very important because the fast websites may have better rankings in the search engines. …
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Cascading style sheet

Which units are available in CSS?

As a web developer, you have to interact with the CSS units very often. In a typical project, almost any CSS rule contains specific values that are assigned to the properties. As a result, you should know which units are available in the CSS and how they can be used. …
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Gradient preview

How to make a gradient in CSS

This article provides detailed information on how to create attractive CSS gradients for your web application. At the beginning, you will read specifications of the relevant CSS properties. Then, real world examples will be provided and you'll see what kind of effects can be done. In most cases, it's better …
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Sticky memo notes

Box shadow in CSS

If your goal is to make a visually pleasant website, then adding custom CSS shadows may be a great choice. It's a much better option than using images or backgrounds with shadow effects drawn in some graphical editor. The CSS code is rendered by the browser and is faster to …
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Large chain in the middle

HTML button that acts like a link

If you are making some web application and you need to redirect user to another page, you can create a button that will act link a link. Regular <a href="#"> tag may not be suitable in some cases, for example, when you have complex logic or unusual content on a …
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