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Starting blog about programming and software

Hello my dear readers. It's nice to meet with you. I am so excited about creating this post, since that's the beginning of the new and interesting journey.

My next idea is to create a well known and popular blog about the latest technologies, frameworks, web tools and software. Most of the articles will contain guides on how to solve various programming issues. Such information may be useful for developers when they are making code for the Web.

Also, very likely, I may create articles about database management, bash scripts and programming for the Linux operating system.

However, most of the topics will be related to such technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, MySQL and many others.

Initially, let me give you some information about myself. I am a software engineer with many years of experience and do have something to share with you. During my professional experience, I have worked with almost all popular programming languages. And this knowledge can't sit patiently inside of myself any more.

I would like to help other people achieve better results. This is also a great opportunity for me to learn something new as well, since technologies never stop improving, and we have to exchange with others in order to obtain new knowledge.

So let's begin with the first PHP code snippet, here is the very famous and well known simple program that demonstrates the abilities of this site.


echo "Hello World";


I added this small "hello world" PHP example to see if the inlined code blocks can work flawlessly in the post. In other articles, all the code snippets will be provided and integrated into articles in the same way. Syntax highlighting is turned on, so it should be very convenient to read all examples on this site.

This specific blog is built on the WordPress content management system, which is very popular and well known. It's easy to use and probably is the best solution for those who want to start writing articles and publish them online. It allows you to write and create content quickly with the minimum effort. At the same time, WordPress community is large and if you need some additional features, you can always find a suitable plugin on the official directory.

As you know, visual representation is very important and a website has to be aesthetically pleasant. My decision was to create a completely brand new theme and you can see it yourself. It's clean and lightweight, and has a small amount of static resources. JavaScript or CSS files are small and optimized. Also, the amount of graphical files was limited to the minimum level possible.

My strong belief is that readers should focus on the content rather than on visual effects. Here, we'll have a lot of information with various code examples. That's why the site has to be clean and work fast in all modern browsers. The menu on this website has animation and it's quick and lightweight. There are native CSS transition effects, which are usually very smooth and stable.

Also, to note, this site is fully responsive and uses CSS media queries. Layout of the website is fluid and will render correctly on all tablet and mobile devices in both portrait and landscape modes. All the popular screen sizes are supported, starting from small to large devices, for example, 1024, 768, 480 or 320 pixels wide.

My sincere hope is that at some point of time this site will be a great community for web developers. The goal is to write a nice collection of useful articles written by me for other people.

Thank you for reading this article. I wish you a great day and all the best. Feel free to contact me any time if you have additional questions.


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